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A Self-Storage Unit Is A Useful Solution For Storing Bulky Woodworking Supplies

If you enjoy making things out of wood or upcycling old furniture, then you probably face a storage problem. Wood and furniture take up a lot of space, and a lack of room in your garage may cause you to pass up some great deals at flea markets. You never know when you'll find a great bargain on wood, furniture, craft items, and tools, so you have to buy when they're available if your hobby is building unique things. Renting a storage unit is the ideal solution when you have a woodworking hobby. Here's why it's a good idea and some tips for storing your supplies.

You Can Clear Out Your Home During The Winter

If your woodworking shop is in your garage, it may be too cold in the winter to do much work in there. However, you don't have to pass up flea markets and yard sales when it's cold. The things you buy during the winter can be tucked away in your storage unit until spring when you're ready to work again. Having things in a storage unit over the holidays gives you more room in your home and garage for family, friends, and all your extra holiday décor.

A Dedicated Space Is Ideal For Bulky Supplies

Plywood and boards take up a lot of space and they are unhandy to store in a garage. It seems like they always get in the way no matter how you arrange them. Old furniture is the same way. You can only store so many old dressers, tables, and chairs before your space at home is way too cluttered, which makes it impossible to work on your hobby. A storage unit keeps all your supplies accessible without having them underfoot.

A Well-Organized Storage Unit Allows For More Space

You'll face many of the same challenges with space in a storage unit as you do in a garage if you don't organize it the right way. First, it's a good idea to keep your boards off of the floor so they don't get wet if rain seeps into your unit. Use pallets or devise a rack system for stacking the boards so they are organized and easy to sort through when you're looking for just the right pieces that you bought on clearance a few months ago.

Divide the unit for different purposes depending on the type of wood you use. It should be easy to add new materials to your unit without having to take out the old stuff and rearrange everything. For instance, you may want to dedicate one wall for plywood sheets only so they are always easy to put in and take out. Storing furniture might be easier if it is dismantled first. If you need to take it apart anyway to repurpose it or restore it, then taking it apart before you put it in the storage unit will make it easier to stack things and get more supplies into your unit.

Unless you have a dedicated shed or outbuilding on your property to use as a woodworking shop, storage will always be an issue when you have a woodworking hobby, especially if you like to take advantage of clearance sales and last-minute finds. Renting a storage unit is like having a bigger workspace. It's a great way to store your things, and they're always accessible when you're ready to pull out supplies and start work on a project.

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