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Keeping Your Belongings Safe In Your Storage Unit: What You Can Do

You're keeping your belongings in a storage unit for a reason; you still want these things, but maybe don't have the room for them right now. No matter your reason for using a storage unit, you want your things kept safe and undamaged. Read on for tips to keep your items safe while inside a storage unit.

Keep Food Out

Anything that is edible or perishable should not be kept inside a storage unit. It's going to attract pests such as mice, roaches or ants. All of these damage your belongings, as well as other people's belongings in surrounding units. Food should never be kept inside a storage unit, so keep these items out.

Set Traps

Just in case pests do find their way inside the storage unit, you'll want to keep your items safe. Set a few mice traps in the corners using poisonous baits, or you can also set out ant traps as well. Set the traps out and check them often. Empty the mice traps and dispose of any dead mice properly. Replace ant traps at least every three months.

Allow Air Flow

Moisture can ruin your belongings, and if you don't leave enough room for air to flow properly between boxes, it may lead to moisture from humidity levels. Stack your boxes, but leave aisles between the stacks to keep the air flowing freely. Even with a climate-controlled storage unit, you may still need to worry about humidity and moisture levels.

Use Plastic Totes

Cardboard boxes can eventually lose their strength, which may cause damage to your belongings. Instead of using cardboard boxes, use plastic totes instead with a proper fitting lid to cover it tightly. Using a shelving unit inside your storage unit can also prevent damage, as you aren't stacking totes on top of one another. It's a great way to stay better organized as well and can make finding your belongings a little easier on you.

Use The Right Lock

If your storage unit requires you to use your own lock, find one that is a heavy duty lock, and that won't break easily. The old lock you've been using for your gym locker is not going to do. Find one that requires a key or has a number keypad. The storage rental company may sell locks that can be used for your unit. Be sure to make a few extra copies of the key just in case you lose the original.

Keep your belongings safe while in storage, and talk to the rental company about other tips or storage accessories they may sell that you can use such as mattress covers or furniture protectors. For more information, contact a company like U-Stor-It.