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Want To Succeed As A Temp Admin Assistant? Be Attentive In These Ways

If you have training and experience as an admin assistant, one of the ways that you can join a new company is as a temporary employee. Upon fulfilling the terms of your contract, you may then have the option to extend the contract and thus your employment, or perhaps even get a permanent position within the organization. It's important to know that temp work can often be an audition, so you should count on your manager evaluating you at all times. Being a good admin assistant is about more than being warm and friendly. You'll also need to be attentive, and here are some ways to achieve this goal.

Anticipate Your Manager's Needs

A competent admin assistant can often make his or her manager look good, and one way to accomplish this outcome is to anticipate what your manager may need. Pride yourself on thinking before your manager does — the fewer times during the workday that he or she can come to you and ask for something, the better. For example, if the manager has a meeting with a specific client scheduled for the late morning, get to work in time to print out the client's file and leave it on the manager's desk.

Be Meticulous With Filing

Filing is a big part of any admin assistant's job, and this includes both the filing of hard copies and digital copies. One of the worst things that any admin assistant can tell his or her manager is, "I'm not sure where it is — I'll look for it." You should take an almost obsessive approach to filing so that you can recover any email, document, or another piece of material within seconds. When a high-level manager asks you for something, you'll impress him or her when you can pull up the document almost as the manager finishes making the request.

Remember That Your Manager Comes First

As an admin assistant, you may sometimes help other staff members with various tasks and queries. Doing so can effectively demonstrate that you're a team player, but you want to always remember that your main task is to assist your direct manager. You should be able to balance his or her work with work that you're doing for others. You never want to get behind on a project for your boss because you're doing something for another employee at the company. Repeated attentiveness in each of these areas can help you to work toward a temp contract extension or permanent job offer.

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