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3 Memorial Service Ideas To Honor Your Cremated Loved One

Even though you want to honor your loved one with a memorial service after they have been cremated, you may not want to have an actual funeral since no casket or body will be present. Luckily, there are a variety of options available to you and your family. Here are a few memorial service ideas that may just be the perfect way to honor your loved one.

1. Host a Ceremony Where You'll Spread the Ashes

If you plan to spread your loved one's ashes in a particular place based on their wishes, such as in the ocean or on a special piece of land somewhere, consider hosting a memorial ceremony as the site so friends and family members can participate in the experience.

You can ask a couple of people to make speeches at the service to help remember your loved one. Rent a few chairs and have a potluck so everyone can share stories about your loved one before the ashes are spread. End the ceremony by spreading your loved one's ashes and let people share any last words with each other that they might have.

2. Host a Celebration of Life at Your Loved One's Favorite Place

If you will be holding on to your loved one's ashes or sharing them with other family members, you can host a celebration of life at your loved one's favorite place. Whether it's a restaurant, a beach, a vacation house, or even their own home, make sure there is food, music, and plenty of comfortable places to sit available.

Remind everyone that this is a celebration, so they should bring their dancing shoes and favorite funny stories and photos of your loved one along with them. Decorate like it's a party and feature fun photos and keepsakes of your loved one on the walls and as table centerpieces.

3. Host A Live Video Memorial Service on the Internet

If you can't get all of your loved one's friends and family members physically together in one place at the same time, consider hosting a memorial service on the Internet via a live video conference. Ask everyone to make a pasta dish so you can share a meal together while remembering your loved one and saying your last goodbyes. And ask everyone to share one memory with the group while you eat. Also, consider recording the memorial service so you can send a copy of it to everyone who attended.

You can always use more than one of the ideas outlined here to meet the needs of all your loved one's friends and family members. For more information, contact a company like Aspen Mortuaries.