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3 Great Beginner Tips For Those Shooting Handguns For The First Time

Handguns such as the 9mm semi-automatic are incredible firearms because of their compactness and lightweight features. Shooting one for the first time is an experience you won't soon forget. To ensure this first-time shooting experience goes smoothly, these beginner tips are important to consider. 

1. Go to a Shooting Range

Probably the best location for shooting a handgun for the first time is a shooting range. Here, you'll be learning about firearms in a controlled environment. There are safety protocols in place to keep all shooters safe at all times, so you don't have to feel as intimidating about something going wrong. 

These shootings ranges also give you access to knowledgeable instructors, who can show you the basic mechanics of holding and using a handgun. You can ask these instructors anything and even have them walk you through your first fire. These ranges also give you the chance to simply observe other shooters. You can see what techniques they use and implement them into your first shot.

2. Use the Appropriate Gun

Now, there are so many handguns you can use today. Not all of them are intended for beginners, though. When looking for the right gun, it's important that the recoil is not that powerful. After all, you want to be capable of maintaining a firm grasp of the gun for accuracy and safety reasons.

A low-powered revolver may be perfect if you don't have any experience with shooting guns. It's one of the lighter handguns on the market and is simple to use and maintain. Glocks with a polymer frame are also great to consider because their frame material helps decrease recoil. 

3. Take a Firearms Safety Course 

The last thing you want happening during your first handgun shooting experience is for an accident to occur. You can easily prevent accidents by understanding the correct safety protocol to follow when using these firearms. 

The best way to fast-track your learning is to enroll in a firearms safety course. It will teach you all of the safety basics, from activating your handgun's safety feature to loading it properly. After receiving instruction, you'll be asked to pass some assessments. They're essentially there to make sure you learned the right safety measures for shooting in real time. 

Shooting your first handgun is an exciting time, but you may have some nerves. The best thing you can do to alleviate them is to learn as much as you can about these firearms. With proper education and gun selection, your first shooting experience will be pleasant. 

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