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How to Rent an Apartment When You Have Pets

You have pets, but you want to live in an apartment. Unfortunately, many landlords frown upon pets and don't like to rent to people who have them. If you want to live with your pets comfortably while still having access to affordable apartment living, use this guide to help you.

Don't lie about your pets

You're tempted to lie about your pet ownership, the type of pets you have, or how large they are in order to get into an apartment. This is a terrible idea. Not only will your landlord find out you have pets eventually, but you'll also be discovered as a fraud and can lose your lease and get kicked out of your apartment as a result.

Be open and honest about your pet ownership when interviewing with landlords. Have pictures of your pets and records of vet visits to show your potential landlords and be honest about the type and breed of your animals. Your landlord will be more willing to rent to you if you are honest about your pets. Bonus points if you bring your pets with you to your interview or allow your landlord to meet your animals before signing a lease.

Choose pet-friendly apartments

There is more to renting an apartment than choosing a unit that pets are allowed in. You want to live in an apartment that is actually pet-friendly. An apartment on the ground floor without stairs is ideal for letting pets in and out to use the restroom. An apartment with a small yard or balcony—either shared or private—is best if you have dogs or outdoor cats.

Get great references

Just like you need them, your pets need references as well. Do you have a groomer who will vouch for the good behavior of your pets? Does your vet have great things to say about your animals? Get references for your animals that show that not only are your pets well-behaved and happy and healthy animals but also that you're a great pet owner as well. A landlord will be more comfortable renting to a pet owner who is responsible and has obedient animals.

Remember that there is always a pet deposit when you rent an apartment with furry pets in tow. Be prepared to pay this deposit upfront. This way, you're more likely to get the apartment you want for you and your animals. Your landlord will show you the best apartments for pet dwelling.

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