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What To Expect With Your Commercial Inspection

A commercial inspection is done on businesses, such as industrial warehouses, factories, and other large businesses, to ensure that safe operating and work practices are in order. When you get an inspection, you're nervous that you'll fail or that you won't know what the inspector is looking for.

Here are things you can expect with your commercial inspection. Depending on what the inspection is for — insurance reasons and employee safety are just a few reasons for an inspection — the inspection itself can be long and involved.

Expect to answer employee concerns

Your commercial inspector will want to know how many employees your business has, how many people are on staff at any given time, and when your main operational hours are. These questions help answer how at capacity your business remains at all times. Some inspectors will insist on inspecting your facility during shift changes or other busy times while others will actually randomly show up at your business to catch your company in action without notice. This is done to catch any illegal or unsafe practices.

Expect to show each location

From the bathrooms to the break areas, your commercial inspector will want to see the entire facility on an individual basis. Your inspector will look for electrical and other issues, checking to make sure fire extinguishers, emergency exits, and smoke alarms are working and up to date. You'll want to provide detailed information about any other inspections you've had done, such as asbestos inspections, to help your commercial inspector complete their job more quickly.

Expect to provide employee injury records

An inspector will visit a commercial facility if the number of employee injuries is a concern or a single injury that was major gives a commercial inspector cause to visit your establishment. In any case, employee injuries are almost always inquired about, even in a basic inspection.

Be prepared to provide employee injury records when they are requested. You can have your lawyer provide this information or you can speak to your HR team to have employee records handy.

A commercial inspection may sound daunting, but if your company is practicing legally and using all safety precautions for all employees, you likely have little or nothing to worry about. These inspections are simply protocol and designed to keep your company running smoothly. Any questions you have for your inspector can be addressed when the professional arrives at your business.