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Three Places To Work As A Temp Personal Support Worker

If you're passionate about helping others and have received training to be a personal support worker, you don't have to solely look for a health institute and hope to obtain full-time employment there. Another option is to sign up with a temp agency and get work helping people in a variety of locations. While you can work under the terms of one contract at a time, another option is to handle two or more contracts concurrently. Provided that you're adept at managing your schedule, and that you allow enough downtime to feel recharged, you may enjoy the variety in your workday that comes in working in different environments. Here are three such places that you can work.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes frequently have personal support workers on staff, but may also recruit some on a temporary basis when they have additional staffing needs. Working in a nursing home can be a fulfilling assignment for a personal support worker. You'll get to know a number of different patients throughout the day, and you'll also find that the tasks you perform are varied because nursing home residents have a significant range of health needs. Additionally, you'll frequently find yourself working along other personal support workers, which can be educational.

Private Homes

Personal support workers frequently treat patients directly in their homes, which can be another varied assignment that you may encounter in your chosen field. If you long for an assignment that involves being in a different environment daily, this can be it. You'll encounter patients with different needs and in a variety of living situations — for example, some may be living alone and others may have moved in with younger family members. Working in a residential environment instead of a healthcare environment presents certain challenges that are rewarding to successfully navigate.


You may also get an opportunity to perform temp work at hospitals when you're a personal support worker. In this environment, you'll deal with patients of all ages. While your patients may predominantly be elderly at nursing homes and in private homes, it's common to encounter patients who are younger when you work in hospitals. You may also find that the busy hospital environment presents ever-changing workdays, giving you a lot of variety and the feeling that you'll never know what you'll encounter when you arrive at work each day. Speak to a temp agency to discuss your credentials and look at different job opportunities.

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