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Just a Bit about Candle Magic and Colors

Candle magic does not have to be associated with any special religion or have anything to do with a specific religion at all. Think about the times you have lit candles to create a special atmosphere. When you add some type of belief to the significance of the lighting, you can sometimes expect things to happen. Perhaps it is just the way you feel when watching the soft glow of the flame flickering. Perhaps it is something more. Regardless, it certainly doesn't hurt to pay attention to a few concepts and ideas related to candle magic. The next time you are feeling down, are hoping to accomplish something, or just want to celebrate something, light a candle or two and see how the whole situation can shift. Take advantage of the following colors in particular:


Black candle magic is not always used for something bad. In fact, using a black candle when you are struggling with something can be very positive. Black candles can help erase negativity. Sometimes this is necessary to help you face things head-on with a positive attitude. When you believe in yourself and the cause, great things can happen. Light a black candle to get rid of bad feelings, help with sadness, or to keep others' negativity from affecting you so you can work toward your goal.


White candles are cleansing and purifying. Unlike a black candle that absorbs the negativity, a white candle fills the area with positivity. Light a white candle when you need a bit of extra help with something. Light it in conjunction with another color to specify what it is you need help with. Light it with a black candle to replace all the negative with the positive.


The color blue is associated with peace, calmness, and health. When you are feeling ill, depressed, or upset, light a blue candle and relax in its glow. Add a white candle to make the situation more positive, or perhaps a black one to get rid of the negative so you can reap the benefits of the blue candle better.

Not a believer? Light a candle and relax for 15 minutes. You will be surprised at how much better you can feel. Experiment with different colors to see how they make you feel. Even if you get nothing more than a bit of relaxation from the experience, it will be worth the time. In today's fast-paced world, everyone needs to stop and light a candle. 

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