Working With Your Employees

Recruiting Executive Level Talent For A Senior Living Facility

Managing a senior living facility will require having the right talent. This can be particularly true for those in executive or higher level positions. These individuals can have a disproportionate effect on whether or not the senior living facility is successful and properly managed.

Appreciate The Unique Talent Demands Of Senior Living Facilities

When recruiting high-level talent, it is vital to be mindful of the particular challenges that senior living facilities will face. While it can be common for executive-level talent to change companies and even entire industries, this is often not recommended for these facilities. In addition to the need to manage the daily needs of the residents, it is also necessary to stay in compliance with the numerous state and federal regulations that apply to these facilities.

Have An Attractive Benefits And Compensation Program

Attracting the top talent to your facility will be difficult or impossible if you are not offering a competitive compensation and benefits package. For those that are needing to recruit this talent on a national level, it can also be beneficial to include relocation compensation. The costs of moving can be sizable, and potential employees may be hesitant about taking a job that requires these expenses. Offering compensation can help to offset these concerns.

Utilize An Executive Recruiting Service

Hiring the right executive for your senior living facility can be a time-consuming and difficult task. In addition to needing to actively hunt for talent, you may also need to review a deluge of resumes and applications. Using an senior living executive recruitment service can minimize these difficulties and costs so that you can focus more of your attention on overseeing the daily operations and challenges that your facility must address. During your initial meeting with the recruitment service, you will be able to provide them with a list of your requirements for the position along with other information that may be needed.

Be Patient When Searching For A New Executive

Finding the right match for your senior living facility can take some time as you will need to balance the new executive's experience, compensation and start date. It can be common for management to become impatient during this process, which can lead to settling for a candidate that may not be the best fit. While this can provide short-term staffing relief, it can lead to long-term limitations. Being patient and sticking to your initial requirements for the position can take longer, but it may position you for better success.