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Information On Tube Mailing Containers

There are a lot of different sizes and shapes of mailing containers. The fact that there are so many different sizes and shapes means that you can find the right mailing containers for your specific needs. If you have to mail some type of paperwork or a picture that you don't want to fold in order to fit it in an envelope, then you want to think about putting it in a tube mailer. This is a tube that is the size you need and that will protect your papers, pictures, or posters, so they don't have to have creases put in them when you go to mail them. Here are a few things that you want to know about tube mailers.

Tube mailers can be as long as you need

If you are sending smaller pictures, then you won't need to send them in a long tube mailer. You will be able to find one that is shorter to meet your mailing needs. However, if you are sending something to someone that is more like a very large poster, then you will also be able to choose a longer tube mailer that will give you the length that you need, so you still won't have to worry about any folding.

Tube mailers are easy to use

When you go to use the tube mailer containers, you just need to remove the lid from the top. Then, you will roll your papers, pictures, or posters from one side to the other, or from the top to the bottom. You are going to want to roll the papers with the picture or writing side on top, so you are rolling across the picture or writing. This way, when it gets to where it is going and ends up being unrolled, it will curl inward toward the print. This will make sure that the picture or print will be inside of the roll where it is fully protected. Otherwise, the picture or printing can rub against the inside of the tube container and this can cause some damage to be done to what you are mailing. Once you have the paper or picture in the tube then you will put the lid back on. You should tape both ends to ensure they don't come open. Just put the address labels on and mail the tube mailing container to its destination and you will be all done.