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3 Advantages Of Flexible Rotary Die Cutters

Rotary die cutters are used to cut material that is used for packaging. This is not a simple cutting tool; it is a complex cutting tool that is capable of cutting various different and helping formulate those materials into packaging materials for your products. The creation of the cutting tool is often a formal process, undertaken by a technology and industrial company, to produce this tool for your business.

When it comes to rotary die cutters, there are two different types. You can choose from a flexible die, which is composed of a thin sheet of metal that is then wrapped around a magnetic cylinder.

You can also choose a solid die, which is not made of flexible metal, but instead, out of a solid steel cylinder. There are some advantages that come with choosing a solid die over a flexible die for your packaging creation needs.

Advantage #1: Wide Variety in Construction Options

When it comes to creating a solid die, it offers more design options than a flexible die. With a solid die, you can use different levels of blades with different degrees of shapes and sharpness, allowing you more cutting options.

You can change the type of steel, allowing for different hardness levels of the steel, which gives you more material flexibility.  You also have more control over how the material moves through the die, thus allowing you to use a solid die cutter with a wider variety of materials.

Advantage #2: Very Durable Tool

Next, solid die cutters are extremely durable. Due to the stainless-steel construction, they can withstand a lot of use before they need to be replaced. They are designed to last significantly longer than a flexible die cutter.

When a solid die cutter starts to get worn out, it doesn't need to be replaced; oftentimes, it just needs to be sharpened again. The durability of a solid die cutter often makes it a better long-term investment than a flexible die cutter.

Advantage #3: More Material Options

Finally, with a solid die cutter, you have more material options. Solid cutters are able to handle working with material that has multiple layers. These types of cutters are also able to handle materials that are abrasive and thick. If you need to get creative with your materials, solid die cutters are often a better choice for your business.

Work closely with the company you hire to create a packaging equipment rotary die cutter that will allow you to create the right packaging materials for your business. Solid die cutters are great for creating packaging material out of strong substances and offer long-term durability.