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Benefits Of Spending Time In A Photobiomodulation Light Bed Once A Week

Perhaps you have heard of light therapy, which involves exposing your body or parts of your body to near infrared light. For years, this has been done via small, light-emitting devices. However, a new type of device is becoming popular. Light beds, which emit infrared and near infrared light, are popping up in various spas and medical centers. Just one session on a Photobiomodulation light therapy bed each week can have a number of positive impacts on your body.

Improved vitamin D synthesis

Your body typically makes vitamin D when exposed to UV light from the sun. The problem is that UV light also has other dangerous effects — namely, it ages the skin and increases your risk of skin cancer. As such, spending as much time in the sun as your body needs to make copious amounts of vitamin D is not really safe. However, spending time in a Photobiomodulation light bed also stimulates your skin to make vitamin D, and without those other unwanted side effects. As your vitamin D levels increase, you can expect symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, like depression and frequent illness, to subside.

Less muscle pain

The near infrared light emitted by the bed encourages your muscles to relax. As a result, you should emerge from your session with less muscle pain and fewer aches. This is really helpful for athletes. Relief from soreness may help them to train harder and ultimately excel in their sport. People who work on their feet and end the workday sore will also feel a lot better after time in a Photobiomodulation light bed.

Improved skin condition

Light therapy is also known to help alleviate inflammation -- and not just inside the body. It also helps relieve inflammation in the skin. Many skin conditions, from eczema to acne, are in part related to inflammation. As the light treatment causes the inflammation to subside, the appearance of your skin should improve. You should not have to rely as heavily on prescription creams and washes.

Better energy

Light therapy improves energy levels in a few ways. By relieving muscle tension, it makes it easier for you to sleep well, and you will definitely have more energy when you are well-rested. Higher vitamin D levels also translate to more energy. The therapy can also reduce your body's production of certain neurotransmitters that may be making you feel sluggish.

Start spending just 15 or 20 minutes per week in a Photobiomodulation light bed. You'll love the changes in your body.