Working With Your Employees

Is Your Renovations Company Hiring New Crew Members? Why You Should Put Them Through RRP Trainings

The renovations industry can be very lucrative. You get the opportunity to service all kinds of clients and create spaces that people simply love. If you've been in the renovations business for some time and your company is starting to grow, you might have reached the point where you can bring in a few new team members. It's great to go through the interview process and find the people you will work with each day. However, before you give the new hires their hard hats and welcome them to the squad, check out why you should put them through Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) training.

Lead Safety Is Very Important

Some of the buildings you will be called on to renovate may be quite old. You probably welcome the challenge, but working on older homes and commercial facilities comes with additional responsibilities that your new crew may not be aware of. Keeping your team safe is of the utmost importance, and this extends far beyond making sure that everyone knows how to dodge a few loose floorboards. Each person must be aware of how to protect themselves from lead poisoning.

Many buildings that were constructed prior to 1978 contain lead-based paint. Although the federal government officially banned the use of lead-based paint in 1978, it's vital for your staff to know how to properly conduct themselves when they are renovating a building that still has the remnants of lead in them. Lead poisoning can have detrimental effects, and it's definitely not something you want your staff to have to worry about. 

Gain A Valuable Certification

When your new employees pass the RRP training, they will gain an extremely valuable certification. The information that they learn will not only teach them how to avoid hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead, but it also trains them in how to seal off areas where these harmful toxins could be in the air. You can use this as a selling point for your company when you are trying to woo in the best talent. Just knowing that they will get a certification that they can add to their resume could be enough to help you find exceptional people to join your company.

Protecting your staff is always the name of the game. Sign your new team members up for RRP training so that they can get the knowledge they need to hit the ground running.