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Updating Your Landscaping? 3 Equipment Rentals You Should Consider

When you own a home and a corresponding yard, you might wonder how to spruce up your space and make the entire area more beautiful. While it can be daunting to head to the home improvement store to buy thousands of dollars worth of equipment, you can actually just rent tools to save time and money. Here are three equipment rentals you should consider and how they could help you in the yard. 

1. Hedge Trimmer

Whether you have bushes that have grown out of control or a wispy tree that needs a little haircut, the right hedge trimmer could help. Hedge trimmers are available in a wide range of sizes and oscillate back and forth to trim branches with a relatively small diameter. Perfect for cutting back large bushes or trimming tall grasses, hedge trimmers either come corded, gas-powered, or with new lithium-ion batteries and can be carried to your car easily after rental. 

2. Barrel Roller

Anytime you are thinking about laying sod or planting grass seed, a barrel roller is an absolute must. Barrel rollers are designed with a barrel-shaped canister that is designed to be filled with water to weigh the device down. After that happens, the roller can be used to flatten the ground to level out peaks and valleys, which can be really helpful in creating smooth, user-friendly outdoor spaces. Barrel rollers are also frequently used to tamper down the ground during paver installation since you need a level surface. 

3. Chainsaw

When trees or shrubs need to be removed from your yard, a chainsaw is a great tool to have. Chainsaws contain a rotating chain blade that makes it easy to saw through wood or foliage, helping to clear spaces quickly and easily. Chain saws can also be used to do things like deck removal or even wooden sculpture, helping you to create the ideal outdoor space. When renting a chainsaw, be honest about your level of experience with the tool, and ask for a safety tutorial before you get started. 

When you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get started on your yard, think about turning to a landscape equipment rental business in your area to see what you can borrow for the weekend. In addition to offering all of the different tools you need to take care of the job, many rental businesses also have convenient leasing terms, such as giving renters the option of borrowing tools on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Talk with them about your project to see how you can improve your space.