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Reasons Many Prefer Reusable Face Shields

With COVID-19 being such a huge medical concern for anyone who goes out into the public, people are faced with trying to do what they can to protect themselves from contracting this illness. A lot of people choose to wear masks, but there are some aspects to wearing masks that people don't like and especially for wearing them for a prolonged period of time. This is why more people are turning to reusable face shields for protection from this illness. You can learn some of the reasons why some people prefer to use the face shields as well as other benefits they have to offer by reading the rest of the content here: 

They can be easier to breathe in

One of the reasons a lot of people prefer to use a reusable face shield is because they find it easier to breathe in. The face masks can make some people feel like they are struggling to draw a breath in, even when they can breathe just fine. People who do have respiratory issues can find themselves feeling as if their air is restricted. A reusable face shield is made of a plastic material, and it protrudes out from the face, protecting a person from airborne droplets while not restricting their breathing and this has caused the face shield to continue growing in popularity. 

They don't hurt the ears

Another problem that a lot of people who have to wear a mask for hours on end have is that they find the ear straps of a face mask can cause pain to their ears. Most models of reusable face shields are designed with a strap that instead goes around the back of the person's head, making it a lot more comfortable. 

They allow a person to be seen

It can be hard for some people to be understood by other people when they are wearing a face mask. This is especially true for people who already tend to talk low or mumble. With a face shield, the person's entire face can be seen and this allows people to be able to see their mouths move when they talk, making it easier to understand them. Plus, it's nice for customers to be able to see the expression on an employee's face, and in some industries, having people see your smile can even lead to bigger tips for the employee.

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