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Retire In A Country Club Home

While you may not want to move to a smaller home when you retire, maybe you have always wanted to live in a country club environment. If the time has come that you can make that move, there are two main factors you will want to consider. The first factor is the location of your new home. The second factor is the home itself. Read on for some ideas that might help you as you look for country club homes for sale.

City Life Or Country Life

Consider the fact that there are country clubs in cities and in smaller towns. If you enjoy things like going to the theater, visiting museums and art galleries, and shopping in large centers, then you will probably be happiest living in a larger city. If you live in a city now and you want to keep things like your doctors, dentists, friends, and other things which are now part of your life, then it makes sense for you to look for a country club home in your own city.

Maybe part of the reason you want a country club home is so that you can live in a more relaxed environment. If that's the case, then check out small towns that have country clubs as part of their development. Those small towns will still have things like churches, shopping opportunities, and accessibility to medical facilities. Plus, they will have the country club that you want as part of your retirement years.

Pre-Owned Or Custom Built

If you want a home that has an established garden and that has a swimming pool as part of the land, then work with a real estate agent that focuses on selling pre-owned country club houses.  Establish from the very beginning the things that you want as part of the design of the house. 

Maybe you have always dreamed of designing your own custom country club home. In that case, think of sketching a rough draft of the floor plan you want. Make notes of things like state-of-the-art technology and other five-star qualities you want as part of your house. If you want a tennis court and a swimming pool, of course you'll want large acreage for your country club house. Meet with a contractor who specializes in the building of luxury country club homes.

Something else to consider when planning your move is whether or not you want to use the country club's facilities. If so, there will more than likely be extra fees that will come with that privilege. If you aren't interested in playing golf and you own your own swimming pool and your own tennis court, belonging to the club might not be that important to you. However, if you want to be part of the community, joining the club will be the perfect place for you to establish friendships.