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Renting Out An Unoccupied Home? It Could Need An Inspection First

If you plan to rent out one of your unoccupied homes, you may wish to do so as soon as possible. But before you rent out your home, you want to inspect it first. Your home should be safe and secure enough for renters to live in throughout the year. Learn why you should inspect your home before you rent it out below.

Why Should You Inspect Your Unoccupied Home?

If your house still looks good on the inside and outside, you may not worry about repairing it right away. However, a home can experience many issues over time, especially if the structure sat vacant or unoccupied or long periods of time. Unless you take time to inspect your home, you might not learn about the problems until you rent the house out.

Home inspections allow you to detect things you might not be aware of, including holes in the roof, termite damage in the attic, and insects in the crawlspace or basement. Even if the issues are minor or small enough to ignore right now, they can become large undertakings later on. 

A home inspection can help solve most or all of the problems in your unoccupied house.

How Do You Obtain a Home Inspection?

You'll need to contact a home inspector to examine your home. An inspector will look in places that could potentially hide problems, including the:

An inspector may also check your property for things that could enter and damage your home in the future, including ants, rodents, and termites. If the home already has a pest problem, there may be some pest damage the roof's gutters and fascia boards. 

It may be necessary for a home inspector to check the home for mold, lead, and other hazardous conditions. You may not be allowed to rent out your home if it contains hazardous substances. 

If a home inspection uncovers issues in your unoccupied home, you can take steps to fix them. You want to keep a detailed list of everything you repair in the home. If renters complain of problems later, the list can provide evidence of the repairs. After you complete the repairs, you can safely rent out your home.

Learn how you can take care of your unoccupied home by contacting a home inspection company soon.