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Why Your Deck Looks Far More Worn Out Than It Should

Millions of Americans love spending time outside on their prized decks, and for good reason. You get to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere and all the smells and feelings that come with it, while still being able to relax in comfort or perhaps even cook some food or watch something on your TV. However, that is dependent on owning a deck that is up to the task of surviving the elements, and sometimes that can be too much to ask. If your deck is looking worse for wear, and you can't figure out why that is, then you might need deck waterproofing services.

Aren't Decks Already Waterproof?

Many decks do come with some waterproofing layers coated on top, but these do not last forever. In fact, some may last only a year or so, at which point they become completely open to all manner of moisture, from heavy thunderstorms to morning dew. Some timber is not waterproofed at all, so if you built your own deck and didn't use specifically coated decking timber then you likely had no protection to begin with. Either way, deck waterproofing services need to be part of the routine maintenance of your deck if you want it to survive and look good.

More Insidious Issues Than Just Appearance

While an ugly deck is something that needs to be rectified, something far more serious is the internal weakening of your timber deck. Wood cannot handle being soaked and wet for long periods of time without losing some of its structural stability and the possibility of mold and bacteria growth. The only problem is that these issues are not as visible, which means that you have to rely on judging the outward appearance of the deck to see if it needs waterproofing. That is why if your deck looks old and dirty you should always get it waterproofed as soon as you can.

How Long Does It Take

Deck waterproofing services include cleaning out of the dirt and debris that has lodged itself into your porous wooden surfaces before adding a layer, or multiple layers, of waterproofing chemicals that are non-toxic. It is a quick and easy process that generally takes less than a day, depending on how big your deck is. This is great for busy households who still want to have a clean deck to come home to and relax on without waiting too long for the waterproofing process to be complete.