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Preparing to Drill a Well on Your Property

Adding a water well to your property can be a major project, and while it will offer you reliable access to water, it will also require you to become informed about the drilling process and caring for this addition.

Account for Where the Storage Tank for the Well Should Be Placed

Homeowners are often unaware of the fact that modern water well systems will typically have a large storage tank. This can provide a consistent output of water for the home's plumbing. When choosing a water storage tank for your home, there are many factors to consider, but it is especially important to choose one that will be able to meet your home's water needs while still fitting in the space that you will have in your yard.

Protect Your Underground Water Source

The underground water source that supplies your well will need to be protected against contamination. Unfortunately, it is possible for the chemicals to leech from the topsoil into the underground water source. For this reason, homeowners should be mindful to avoid using harmful chemical products for their landscaping as this can be a common source of contamination. Additionally, the septic tank for the property should be kept in good condition as leaks and other issues with it can cause large amounts of contaminated water to be released into the surrounding soil.

Avoid Major Landscape Planning Until the Well Has Been Installed

Homeowners may be under the impression that they will be able to pick where the well will be drilled. Unfortunately, the location of underground water can be very difficult to predict. This can lead to the well potentially needing to be drilled multiple times before an underground water source is tapped. Due to these realities, you may actually have relatively little say on the actual location of the water well. As a result, it can be advisable to wait to make plans for major landscaping work or additions to the property until after the well has been fully drilled and installed.

There are many things that you will need to learn when having a water well added to your property. This can range from the storage tank that the well system will use, the need to actively protect the underground water source from contamination and the benefits of waiting to make major changes to the property until the well has been installed. Becoming informed about this essential upgrade to your property can greatly reduce the range of problems you can encounter and the likelihood of needing to manage these issues. 

Contact a drilling service to learn more about your options for well installation.