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A Guide To Choose A Laboratory Design Consultant

The design stage is crucial for the successful completion of your laboratory. Laboratory design consultation comes in handy to steer you through the design phase. However, you can find many lab consultants. So how do you know who to consult? Here is a guide to help you get the ideal laboratory design consultation services.

What To Do Before You Choose A Consultant

Laboratory design consultation is more fruitful if you understand your needs. So, first, define your problem and scope to ensure clarity. Also, consultants can answer queries in detail and at a reasonable cost. However, your consultant may not address unique interests without a good project definition.

Further, understand whether your project is general or related to a specific issue. The reason is that many professionals have expertise in different industries. Some have great breadth, while others have great depth and narrow focus. General projects need a consultant who has a lot of general knowledge, while specific ones call for a consultant who can offer more specialized advice. So, once you understand your project's nature, you will know the type of expert to consult.

What To Look For In A Lab Design Consultant

After you define your project scope and nature, use the factors below to choose a consultant.


Health and safety certification organizations set minimum standards for laboratory consultants. The standards include expertise, continued education, and adherence to the code of ethics. So you get better laboratory design consultation from a consultant with recognized credentials.

Types of Services Offered

Laboratory consultants offer different services, for example, bench design, electrical setup, and plans for fume extraction. So, inquire about your potential consultant's services and what each entails. Then, ensure you settle for one that can meet all your laboratory design needs.


Your consultant's duration in the industry and knowledgeability affect your project's outcome. An experienced consultant has a better chance of providing successful laboratory design consultation. So, opt for one with a track record of previous projects. A professional consultant applies lessons from earlier tasks to prevent or solve problems.

Prior Success

Besides experience, opt for a consultant with proven success in projects like yours. For example, you could request references from previous customers or a project portfolio to test success. The success rate and other statistics can also be available on a company's website.


A laboratory design consultation will be beneficial if you work with excellent consultants. But, the success of the process also depends on your preparedness. So, use the above guidelines to find qualified consultants to build and run your new lab.

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